W I T N E S S  T O   C O U N T E R P O I S E

As Humans we have observed the world around us, and justly placed our mammal genus as sovereign. Do to communication we have evolved into a society which permits counter productive disagreements and wide scale implications of judgement and dangerous behaviors of nonchalance. Opinion in our society is currently at an active standstill, we’ve developed it into an mode of communication, which connects us, yet simultaneously generates non-comprehension and distance between us. Political non comprehension is a major set back from the Human race unilaterally.

Communication should be a “power” which connects us to one another, in order to generate progress and social change. For the better of our future generations we as Humans should strive to conjoin to utilize our languages in communicating welcomed reverence to ideas, and responding with a language which does not generate brutality, mass indifference, and malevolence.  


Witness to Counterpoise - 2013 Government ShutdownAlexis Oltmer
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