Piles of the Capitalocene : Fast Fashion  (2020) researches how naturally occurring piles are the essence of Earths lifecycle, whereas piles created by humankind are a momentary result of the Capitalocene. Furthermore, Piles of the Capitalocene explores how fast fashion contributes to global warming while exploiting the health of humans and our planets ecosystems. Fast Fashion negatively impacts fresh water accessibility, exploits workers around the globe and creates tons of waste yearly.  Humankind has made great efforts to organize, compartmentalize and profit from all aspects of life. We've forgotten that we too are apart of nature, and that our actions effect others. Our survival is dependent on the habitability of our planet, and our actions impact the sustainability, well-being and potential extinction of life on planet Earth.

Installation date of this project is Spring 2020 in Buffalo NY in collaboration with Artist Julie Klein. The outdoor installation will include a petition to local and state government regarding the waste created from Fast Fashion and its impact on fresh water accessibility.