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in-site: a study of the occurrence of Superfund sites in the U.S.A (2024)


The environment is political. We are political. Our health is political.


Protecting human health and the environment includes the responsibility of providing and communicating transparent research findings of environmental contamination to the public in an accessible and digestible format. The consideration of data design should empower and embolden citizens to take actionable steps to support the sustainability of ecosystems and the communities that reside within them.


How does the complexity and volume of information obscure collective knowledge and understanding of environmental contamination, and what are the resulting consequences? 


What are the repercussions when the political pendulum swings and disrupts the mission and funding of an agency such as the Environmental Protection Agency?


Do we need stricter laws and regulations for chemical use, transportation, and disposal?


Should we require more protection from manufactured products that are on the market?


in-site was exhibited at the Zoller gallery from April 15th - 19th, 2024.

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