fight plastic pollution

In the age of the Anthropocene, lets  take action & have actual conversations on how to reduce Plastic Pollution washing up on the shores of Lake Erie. 

By participating in a clean up, you will experience first hand what is commonly washing ashore, being carried by air or left as litter by an individual.

If we all make relatively small lifestyle changes to reduce the amount of plastic we purchase on a daily basis, we will be participating in the beginning of the largest environmentally positive grassroots movement in history.


Community action

Humankind has had a negative impact on our climate. Since we live on a Great Lake, lets focus on how we can protect our fresh water and oceanic ecosystems. While plastic pollution is primarily due to Industry, we need to band together to purchase fewer plastic commodities & take all steps possible to ensure our plastic doesn't end up in the Great Lakes, which leads to the oceans!


As Citizens & Consumers we need to demand change from our Elected Officials and the Corporations we support. only together can we can create positive change. Now is time to reverse the negative impacts that we’ve had on the health of our planet & humankind.


Local sponsorship

Interested in how your business could become apart of a local clean up? We'd loved to have you on board! Click for more info on how to sponsor a clean up today.