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S A N I T A R Y  S A N C T U M S (2014)
Framed diptychs visualizing the view before one is seated on the toilet and during. Images were taken over 1 year in private homes, restaurants, institutions, and offices.

Prodromically the ordinary bodily function of excretion generates a horror within us. Reminding us of our body's materiality, and the idea that we are threatened by the loss of distinction between subject and object; self and other. The Spectacle is humanity's safe haven, it is the distraction from this realization. Transformation of the restroom from its necessity towards decorative fetishism is abided by various color schemes, ornate objects, reading materials, and seductive scents which fill our dutiful spaces with negation and separation from what which we can not escape. Having fallen into the spectacle we have generated a commodity fetishism that falsely glorifies our “individual styles” aiding towards any interior bathroom design we desire in order to distance ourselves from the reality of the abject.

Such wastes drop so that I might live, until, from loss to loss, nothing remains in me and my entire body falls beyond the limit—cadere, cadaver”  
                               -Julia Kristeva, Powers of Horror

The place of the abject is where meaning collapses, the place where I am not. The abject threatens life, it must be radically excluded from the place of the living subject, propelled away from the body and deposited on the other side of an imaginary border which separates the self from that which threatens the self.”

                               - Barbara Creed


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