A march for Science

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Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. Contemporary science is typically subdivided into the natural sciences, which study the material universe; the social sciences, which study people and societies; and the formal sciences, which study logic and mathematics. The formal sciences are often excluded as they do not depend on empirical observations. Disciplines which use science, like engineering and medicine, may also be considered to be applied sciences. - wiki

Science is extremely important as a staple of our modern society. We need to understand and respect the amount of research and time which goes into the development of ideas, the making of mistakes, discovering unknowns, and solving/concluding theories. Current News stations discourse have been over run with jargon containing the term "alternative facts"

( I fucking dislike the term alt facts with a passion ) . With this stated, we all must be very careful of what we read and listen to, and how we digest the massive amounts of updates and info we entertain each day. It is my belief, we must always maintain and grow our own opinions and views with the thoughts and experiences of others.

I also heavily believe that it is so important to reach out to your friends and family to openly engage with them about how our current political situation makes you feel. Secondly I think it is also important to speak with people you pass on the street about the United States in general. We are too divided and silent about our opinions and views. And while we are too silent, we also don't listen enough to one another, and do not reach out to find common ground. This stated, the current administration is pretty normal ( unorganized, yet following loosely in the footsteps of the Obama administration) , yet...our president is NOT normal, and is continually surrounding himself with yeomen & women. These times presidentially speaking feel much worse now living under the DT administration than it did during the Bush era. It has been a very frustrating 2017.

This I think is due to the bursted bubble if you will of identity politics. My generation was raised, or at least I was raised to share, recycle, respect, give chances, and to accept all people. In saying this I want to be very clear dear reader, I am not religious i.e. I do not believe in a god, my beliefs are structured within our environment. Yet I totally respect religion, it serves purpose to many peoples. So going back to my point, I believe still in good health and wealth for all peoples. Fast forward to 2017 and people my age and around, for the most part I think are more open to equality for all, than prior generations. Now the peoples who are used to having basically complete and total access to power, control, and influence, feel very threatened perhaps. This has lead to the political pickle we are in the middle of, DT ran a very nasty campaign, of which I think will be written in history as a game changer (of which our nation needs to heal from) yet I think his strategy and tacktics will be adapted and taught for future use.

Thursday night rant aside, April 22 2017 about 2-3,000 beautiful Buffalonians gathered in one of our many traffic loops for the nation wide March for Science. It was a gloomy overcast Earth day which turned into a blue skied, puffy cloud kinda day. I saw many local teachers, scientists, doctors, environmentalists, families, students and so forth. Thankfully the media covered the event as we marched down two blocks of street, passing cars which honked in support. We bottle necked as the masses rallied from the entire street, into the neatest line of protesters I have ever seen marching down the side walks headed towards our largest city park. It was an uplifting day, people of all ages, organized groups with papers to sign and brochures to hand out. I am starting to see a well organized movement in Buffalo, which I open with welcome arms and a sound mind. We gathered and listened to speakers ( only one of whom actually proclaimed happy Earth Day ). I hope that our fair city and country continues to actively resist and voice concern and support for our Environment, Science and all of the wonder and advancements we have and will make.