2017-06-23 for future generations

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Plastic Pollution is a serious problem which needs some serious thought and dilligence from our generation. We need to be mindful of all aspects of plastic pollution, including our own consumption and recycling, yet also I think we need to hold the companies accountable which manufacture the products I find every time I clean.

I began documenting an undisclosed beach on Lake Erie in November of 2016. Documentation and collection began in January of 2017, and since then the main plastics/trash I find are, bottle caps, cigar mouth pieces, bottles of all sorts (soda & liquor), styrofoam, and oddly enough shoes.

My first time photographing this beach, I was astounded at the amount of garbage and plastic I came across. After my initial photographic visit to this beach, I found myself really ashamed that I didn't do anything about all the trash I encountered.

It was with this closer look at the beach, and general depression from the results of our election, that I decided to make a difference. It doesn't concern me how small my impact is, because at this moment in time, I am doing more than I previously had been doing to make an impact about something that I only talked about all the time. It is great to quest for knowledge, and to be open minded, read all of the books, yet when you are so passionate about a certain topic, its amazing to actually learn by doing.

For those of you who don't know me, or my art practice, I will tell you a very large portion of it is attention to the every day, and repetition. This project allows me to document, remove, and repeat. I understand that this topic is not one which most want to speak or hear about. This is why I when I photograph the plastic pollution I try to channel my inner Ansel Adams, I do want people to find beauty in the way I have captured the pollution, in hopes that it will as a topic be less off-offputting.

With all of this said, artist or not - I suggest if you dear reader, have a subject you speak about constantly that you act upon it in whatever way you can. If I can find the time and energy to do so, you totally can. Remember, in this day and age, action no matter how small does have an impact.

#forfuturegenerations #anthropocene #plasticpollution #climatechange