A Rally for Impeachment

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I've been holding onto this post as life has been kinda crazy. And before releasing my full blog on Charlottesville, VA - I wanted to share my experience from the national Rally for Impeachment, hosted by The Western New York Peace Center. Yes, this and everyday is the perfect time to talk about Impeachment.

The Impeachment Rally was held in Lafayette SQ , Buffalo NY. It was one of the smaller gathering in recent months, yet I saw many new faces in the crowd. One of the most empowering aspects of the rallies in Buffalo is that the young and the old show up, people of all aspects and backgrounds stop by and join in.

It was an outlet, fore at this moment in the administration hadn't completely fallen on its face. The events which lead up to this moment, for me personally have already struck much fear about our environment and the protection of it - YET not everyone is concerned with the fate of our planet, and as I stated DT and his administration hadn't yet totally screwed up with the "blame on both sides" issue. I do believe that Charlottesville is a turning point for the "waking of America". I am fearful that it may take longer than we as a nation need it to until everyone is on the same page. I just can't believe that I saw Nazis marching in the streets, and heard the actual thought out words which people spoke - I want to make it absolutely clear there is NO room in America for white supremacists or supremacy of any kind.

Lets get back on track - what I really enjoyed this time around was having a conversation with one of the key speakers while marching to and from Lafayette sq. We spoke at length about some of the key issues regarding American Politics today. One thing we both agreed on was that the people of the United States have become so far removed from facts and honor within politics, that we have this large divide in our political system. This divide between both large political parties, is impart due to a lack of knowledge ( blame it on the.... fake news, or a crap tweet, or ignorance) and secondly is due to the lack of passion towards learns actual truths (i.e. RESEARCH, getting dirty with the knowledge and such - and yes I know we all don't have time, but for our sakes we need to make it).

We spoke about how even something as natural and unformed by humans as a simple found rock, could be used for violence. And that the tools which we have made for violence don't create the act itself, yet its always humanity which generates the act of violence. I will come back to this idea in a later post FYI.

People need to connect back to reality and stand up for themselves and each other. I know it sounds elitist to say "people don't care" so I won't, but what I will comment to is the fact that many of our school board hearings, council meetings, town or city hall hearings happen during times in which most working people can not attend. Why are necessary public hearings and meetings during times when the public is working in order just to survive?

Why don't we have these meetings later at night and or hold more than one meeting per topic, one session earlier in the day and one at night. Why don't we ask for a more open social platform.....is this really too much to ask in 2017. I think not, only we can ask for change, and make it for the better of our communities.

Lastly - For anyone out there who is really hurting right now, because of what is going on in the White House, and the fact that white supremacist and Nazis were aloud to cause extreme violence, and an act of Domestic Terror over the weekend. I want to let you know something. I am super upset as well, hang on. Find an organization to work with (even if you donate your time to the SPCA it doesn't have to be political- whatever does it for you) I have found that if you are upset, give back some of your time, break up your ritual and HELP OUT.

And if you don't want to do that, thats cool too. Just know that you aren't the only one out there who thinks this is way too heavy for 2017. Because when it boils down to it, its not, America needs to come together and realize its ugly truths. We need to properly educate our young, and this realization is going to take awhile for everyone to sort out. Healing is going to take a long time, just make sure you are on the right side of history, not because you should be, but because there is no other choice. We need peace in America - and more importantly the world.

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Peace & Love & Respect for our Earth