For Future Generations : Archived Clean up 2017-08-11

Today I went to the beach for the first time this month. It was a rainy and smug day, yet I enjoyed my time there. I ended up with 5 large bags of trash collected and per usual one small bag to bring back to the studio ( today there was a lot of blue plastic pieces which caught my eye ).

I met a fellow citizen who watched me prep for cleaning from his car, and he yelled out to me "whatcha you up to darlin". I finished switching into my boots and walked over to chat. I passed him my card, and let him know about my research project. His response was super positive and he said many times "We need to take care of our earth, its where we live". Its always a pleasure to meet people who care for the planet and encourage me to keep on keepin' on.

At the beach I scanned the side of the breaking wall and found minimal plastic trash (about a 10th of a bag). I climbed onto the breaking wall and began scanning the rocks for plastic. I found 10-15 bottles or cans, along with all different types of styrofoam.

Emerald beach has started to collect large dead tree logs and super old timber. The entire landscape has changed month to month. Making it down to the sand, I didn't find any evidence of anyone living on the beach. I found a plastic bag, cups, bottle caps, bottles, and tons of shards of plastic. I did not find any used needles or tampon inserters today, which was a relief! An oddity that I found today (and which turned out to be really large) was bubble packing, that was a first. I found 4 remnants of balloons, and made friends with a gaggle of geese and squad of ducks. The company was enjoyable, especially watching them surf the lake waves.

After photographing the plastic pollution I began to pick up everything I came across on the beach and more, and was joined by two dudes. They kept to themselves searching for beach wood, and as they left one said "Thanks for what you are doing". It was unexpected and sincere. I usually like being by myself, yet it was really a pleasure have conversations with fellow earth lovers today.

All in all, there was a lot of plastic pollution. I really don't think there is a solution with out time, money and effort from the City of Buffalo and our neighbor cities along Lake Erie. I want to find a way to create a solution, yet I do not have enough research and experience under my belt to make some serious change yet. I will keep y'all posted and I am trying to make time in my life to blog after each time I clean up the beach.

- Until next time

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