For Future Generations : Taking a Stand

It has been quite some time since I have written much of anything. I have been preparing and researching plastic topics which I hope to share sooner rather than later, however I wanted to give you an update on the series For Future Generations.

If you aren't familiar, For Future Generations is a series where over the course of one year I have visited the same beach religiously to document and clean up every piece of plastic I have found. Yes, its a way to get my frustration with plastic pollution, littering in general, the current administration, and my ocd out. However this projects goal is to raise awareness of the plastic pollution which washes onto the shore of the only beach owned by the City of Buffalo ( to my knowledge ).

Update is, I have reached out to the City of Buffalo and they have promised to meet a few small demands. Some of which are picking up trash on a more regular basis so that the bins do not over flow, and placing signs up on the light polls which are anti littering in nature. So far, these promises have not yet been met, and I need to do some due diligence and reconnect with my contact ( more to come ).

I also hope in the coming weeks to announce a public clean up day, so if you are in the area - stay tuned! And if you are from out of town, then kind words of support will do us all good & thank you in advance.

Its a beautiful thing this small blue planet that we live on, and I know times are tough, anger and divide are at an all time high, but stay positive, do you what you love, and make a difference. We only have so much time on this little blue planet, make it count for not just your sake, but the sake of humankind.

I want to share a talk I heard on the radio specifically about the Anthropocene, yes it's been my word of the day for about two years....maybe that will become a running joke, however I feel that the word Anthropocene, the definition of it & the debate over it, is so important that I must continue to shed light and establish the word.

Here is the link to the TED RADIO HOUR on the Anthropocene

Until next time, cheers! to the Anthropocene & to a solution for what we have created.

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