Plastic Free Buffalo X IGersbuffalo

We began cleaning at 9am after some doughnuts and coffee brought by our sponsor @IGersbuffalo. We had supporters both young & old from the Climate Strike join the cleanup. Other beach cleaners were brought in from a post Buffalo Rising made in support of the clean up event. Two volunteers took over counting and collecting trash data for The Alliance of the Great Lakes, they took there job very seriously knowing that the data we collected could be used in future policy making or scientific data. The day was bright and warm, we took water breaks and collected the most interesting plastic pollution objects in a "keep bag". Alexis Oltmer, will be using these found plastic objects to create clear fossilized sculptures, submerging the plastic pollution in rock molds in the future. Beach Cleaners worked the entire length of the beach ranging from the rocks, shoreline, and sidewalk. We found 1 dead sea bird yet no hypodermic needles were found on this clean up. We had beach cleaners come from Buffalo State college & those who are Local Artists as well! 1 cleaner was amazed at how much plastic pollution lie hidden under the sand, she pushed away sand with a stick to show layers and layers of plastic pollution. Its a known common event, an individual could sit in one area all day long and find thousands of pieces of plastic pollution in the sand. Among the odd items found were toy coins, figurines, a partial toy tank (made in the USA), fake plastic plants, tampon inserters, balloon string, ring pops, shipping tags & many pieces of plastic pollution under 2.5mm. We picked up 22.5 lbs of plastic this day! It was the first day I have been able to weigh the bags, and I wish I would have been doing this all along. For more images from this clean up click here.