I am really missing the #PlasticFreeBuffalo beach clean ups right now. Feeling the warmth of the sun, hearing seagulls and crashing waves, and not to mention actually being around other human beings and not worrying if we are 6 feet away from one another.

Today, after a much needed mental health break from posting on IG, I addressed and apologized for being so silent on the @plasticfreebuffalo IG page. I have and still do need to shape how to address plastic pollution and lifestyle changes (reduction in plastic consumption) during a time when we need single use items to keep us safe. Long story short, I find it hard to put out the good word on reducing, reusing and recycling when folks are worried about their next paycheck, going to the grocery store and monitoring their health.

In the meantime while I have a "deep think", I recently found this advice on recyling from Keep America Beautiful. I think this article is spot on, and would like to add that I do not believe any of us should be going out of our way to pick litter up at the moment due to the fact that the Corona Virus can live on surfaces for extended periods of time. I would hate to have anyone get sick when trying to clean litter up. Lets all continue be safe, smart, listen to the facts, find joy each day and keep washing our hands.

Key take away from the article include the following:


If you or family who lives at home with you test positive for COVID-19 do not recycle your recyclables. Instead, secure them in a bag and dispose of them in the trash.


COVID-19 is reported to live on surfaces for an extended period of time, according to a recent study:

  • As an aerosol, for up to 3 hours (e.g. sneezing, coughing, etc.)

  • Clothing – from several hours up to a day

  • Up to 4 hours on copper

  • Up to 24 hours on cardboard

  • Up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel

  • Up to 4 days on glass surfaces like a smartphone