Creator Q&A: Blake Dawson

Blake Dawson



In a few words state who you are, your occupation and what it is that you create. My name is Blake Dawson, and I’m currently an Interactive Graphic Designer at New Era Cap. I am a multi-disciplinary designer, specializing in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, and Aerial Photography.

Blake Dawson's Logo

Describe what you see when you look out your window.

When I look out my window, I see weather and opportunity.I look to weather patterns to see if it would be good day to fly my drone, and depending on a variety of factors, what/where I would like to shoot.

What is a podcast, book, or song that is keeping you sane? Podcasts: Pardon My Take & Spittin’ Chiclets, for a much needed laugh, and Design Better & School of Motion, for education and inspiration.

Books: Orbiting The Giant Hairball, best book I’ve read all year. Highly recommend.

What is a word that makes you laugh? “Approved."

What is the color of your current mood? Yellow, 395 C to be exact

What is something that brings you joy? Learning something new.

COVID-19 aside, what frustrates you? Stifling creativity.

What do you feel most hopeful about? My future.

How do you define your creative process - what makes you tick, what is your practice?

Constantly refining, but generally revolving around absorbing as much information as I can from those more experienced, trial & error in my own explorations, and collaboration with others.

What is something challenging you’ve accomplished as a creator? Plan, shoot, curate, and produce prints for my last show.

Name an artist or creator you draw influence from? Curt Morgan

How has COVID-19 affected you? Have you changed your process during quarantine? I’ve been lucky, in that we’re happy and healthy. I’ve taken advantage of this time of isolation to evaluate where I am creatively and professionally. I’ve been able to identify creative interests that I want to pursue, skill sets that I would like to continue to refine, and projects that I would like to develop.

In your opinion what do you think the “new normal” should look like for our global society? Less wasteful.

What do you look forward to most once quarantine restrictions are lessened? Sports!

In closing, describe or reflect on an aspect of nature that inspires you.

Naturally occurring design. It’s amazing to watch nature evolve over time.