Creator Q&A with : Anonymous No.1

In a few words state who you are, your occupation and what it is that you create.

In 2014 I switched my vocation for my avocation. I create sculptures. Describe what you see when you look out your window.

From the studio window I see my vegetable garden. In May there is asparagus, garlic and some peas budding. What is a podcast, book, or song that is keeping you sane?

The Maytrees by Annie Dillard. I read it every summer. I learn about aging and forgiveness. What is a word that makes you laugh?

El Chapo. I blame that son of a bitch for everything – literally, it’s a joke with a good friend. What is the color of your current mood?

Peach. What is something that brings you joy?


COVID-19 aside, what frustrates you?

The knowledge that somehow my country has slid so low that we have Donald Trump for a president, Mitch McConnell in charge of the Senate and Bill Barr for an AG. What do you feel most hopeful about?

Science How do you define your creative process - what makes you tick, what is your practice?

I don’t, I just accept the fact that I need to take certain ideas out of my head and give them three dimensional representation. I have no clue why. What is something challenging you’ve accomplished as a creator?

Hollow casting cold cast metals. The material that gives the best result does not stand up to rotocasting. I figured out a work around.

Name an artist or creator you draw influence from?

There are two, Constantin Brancusi, Barry Flanagan How has COVID-19 affected you? Have you changed your process during quarantine?

Not really. My studio is an outbuilding in my yard, I have an office upstairs in my house. I was already ordering most supplies on line. I am interested to see what the next sculpture will be. That could be revealing. In your opinion what do you think the “new normal” should look like for our global society?

New normal? There wasn’t much that I considered normal before the pandemic hit. I am hoping that things will improve with the fall elections. Unfortunately I believe that masks will be a part of our future and distrust of anyone who coughs. The economy is going to take a really long time to recover and distance learning, working, and communicating will probably have a much larger role. What do you look forward to most once quarantine restrictions are lessened?

Dinner with friends In closing, describe or reflect on an aspect of nature that inspires you.

The smells and sounds of Mayo Beach, Cape Cod on a warm fall day.