A march against Trump

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As someone who isn't doing the best mental job in regards to coping with the election results, this demonstration was really nice to attend and gave me a little peace of mind. Listening to local activists speak about love, non violence and how the heck we are going to make our voices heard over the next 4 years. Being surrounded by people who want equal rights for all was empowering.

The young, old, families, faithful, faithless, LGBTQ, planet lovers, peace keepers, and artists. It was beautiful, yet to stop and think for a moment..to really let this election sink in...that the rights of some people in our country may be under attack is...crippling. You know what, let me just edit that a bit, ..that the rights of people in our country are under attack is crippling.

Our country is free, and its it is up to us to keep equality for all (no matter our own personal beliefs) a reality and not a hope or dream.This is extremely important its 2017, and look at all of the inequality that we are faced with. Its embaressing. That is why I vow to become deeply involved in my local, state and federal policies and politics for the rest of my life.

And I hope that you too will wake up, find time, to stand up for the equal rights in this country for ALL. It is more important now than ever to call & write your congressmen and women and become involved in policies that are going to be passed or are under scrutiny. Please find it within your hearts to do so.

Lastly, I recently spoke to a local teacher on my way into work. And I told her, when I was in school I learned of all of the women and men who gave me the rights that I have today....and I thought - wow they fought so hard, to ensure that future generations could become the women/children of today, they paved the road, and yet, now I must stand up, and I must become a beacon of light in the dark, for the women/people of tomorrow, for the equal rights of all. It brings me to tears that we have to voice this still, but I will, and I hope you can find it within yourself to do so as well.