In the age of the Anthropocene, lets come together as community to take action on how to reduce Plastic Pollution on Lake Erie. By participating in a clean up, you will experience first hand what is commonly washing ashore, being carried by air or is discarded at Emerald beach as litter. Every beach clean up ends with a group discussion on how we can take daily steps to empower ourselves and community to reduce plastic pollution in Buffalo.

Beach cleaning is important to learn about our local realities of trash, plastic pollution and health threats to our community. Beyond the clean ups is where the work begins, below are action steps we can take to create positive change in our community.

The Great Lakes hold 20% of the worlds fresh water, since we live on & rely on Lake Erie lets come together to further protect & advocate for the health of our fresh water & oceanic ecosystems. If you feel a great urge to help reduce the plastic which ends up in our oceans, know that Lake Erie leads to the Atlantic Ocean. This gives us a great opportunity in Buffalo to join in on the global effort to reduce plastic pollution in fresh bodies of water which lead into our Oceans.


Creating change via community action

  • Individual lifestyle changes that reduce the amount of plastic we buy/use on a daily basis is how we as a community can have lasting impact against plastic pollution.

  • Every purchase is a vote as consumers we can lower demand of products made or contained with plastic.

  • Advocate for support & positive change from our local officials by raising awareness and presenting local government with possible solutions.

  • Raise awareness by speaking with family & friends about plastic pollution & lifestyle changes.

  • Be empowered to do research, or start your own clean up in another section of our beautiful city.