For Future Generations: A plastic pollution study of Lake Erie  (2016-2020) is a photographic typology series created using a select number of plastic pollution images from the clean up and documentation of hundreds of pieces of plastic pollution found in 1 day, repeated over 40 beach clean ups.


Oltmer performed physical research and cleaned the beach in each season to showcase plastic pollution occurring year round. By choosing to create within the guidelines of typology, a duality was created between viewing 40 individual images and an almost topographic singular image which speaks to the overwhelming reality of plastic pollution on the shores of Lake Erie in Buffalo NY.

For Future Generations was created in collaboration with the Alliance for the Great Lakes, detailed documentation of each clean up was archived for future data and policy. In 2019 Oltmer founded #plasticfreebuffalo, a community beach clean up focused on plastic pollution education, art as activism, and lifestyle changes for the health of our planet.


For future Generations was exhibited at the CEPA gallery from January 17 - Feb 15 2020.