For Future Generations: A plastic pollution study of Lake Erie  is a series of plastic pollution typologies made from individual images representing a single days beach clean. Images were taken in each season to highlight year round pollution. When photographed, plastic pollution objects were repeatedly shot center frame. A duality is created between viewing 40 individual images and the final typology speaking to the overwhelming reality of plastic pollution on the shore of Lake Erie.

Art rules for cleaning the beach indluded:

  • Leaving all organic matter on the beach

  • Photograph plastic pollution objects center frame

  • Collect each object she photographed for removal from the beach

  • Collect a bag of the oddest pieces of plastic pollution

  • Photograph a side profile of the beach and a final trash collected shot. 

Oltmer collaborated with the Alliance for the Great Lakes by providing them with detailed data from every beach clean up she performed. After completing her solo beach clean ups to create art, In 2019 Oltmer founded #plasticfreebuffalo. A community beach clean to speak towards plastic pollution, art as activism, and lifestyle changes. For future Generations was exhibited at the CEPA gallery from January 17 - Feb 15 2020.


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